Project - Cafe- Part 8

At the moment I am working on a new figure project, but what is it? is it a bird? is it a plane?

On to the second round of mystery project, using a wonderful world of ebay I found a dollhouse supplier from whom I bought a window and a door. First I installed the window, to make it a bit more quirky I decided to put it on an angle.

First I measured and cut, and once the window fitted I then used some clear plastic from the front of a figure box to be the glass of the window.

Because the back of the place will not be seen I used the spare pieces to form a picture frame. The picture is blanked out because its a mystery.

Next up is the door installation. The door is just fantastic and already comes with plastic for the glass. So I cut out the doorway, and then installed to door.

However there is rather a think gap between the door frames and so I used two more layers of cardboard on the front so that the door fit perfectlty in the wall, the extra thickness also means that it is nice and strong.

Next on the agenda was to make a book shelf. And I just happened to have a very nice well made chocolate box left over from valentines day, and so I used my handy craft skills again and with some cuts here and there I fitted it together to make it a nice Figma size height.

And it looks great and to scale with the other furniture.

Lastly I chose a nice colour of corrugated card to be the outside, and using a darker colour I made a farely decent outdoors area I think, I also added some card which will be a nice wall, so I just need to find some nice rock/concrete looking card to cover the porch and wall.

My project is coming along rather nicely.