Spotlight - Pro Custom Figures - Part 2

Welcome to spotlight pro custom figures part six. Pro custom figures is a series which spotlights some of the most amazing custom made figures and their creators.

First up is Sho Maru's Rana from Queen's Blade. This is a awesome custom Figma. The design is great, the figure is cute and the paint is just awesome.

Sho Maru has included some nice accessories, a cool bag and an awesome sword.
You can check out more of Sho Maru's work at fg-site or blog
Second is Pirochi's Sailor Moon characters. First she has made Ami Mizuno a.k.a Sailor Mercury, and she has been sculpted using parts from the Lucky Star Figma's, and she looks great wonderful design and painting. Second is Rei Hino a.k.a Sailor Mars, this is also a superb figure.
Her next Sailor Moon character is Minako Aino a.k.a Sailor Venus, like the previous figure she is make from various Lucky Star Figma's. Minako looks great, the alterations to her uniform are very well done, her paint job is great and she is just oozing cuteness. These are definitely pro custom figures.  You can check out more of her work at her fg-site

Then there is Saber Black Dress by AMA, this is just an amazing custom, using all new parts some recycled parts. What can I say about this figure... its just beautiful.
Ama has also used the sword from Revoltech's Alter Saber for an accessory.
AMA has even included the hamburger which is what the figure which this Figma is based off is eating. Just great, what a fun accessory.

You can check out more of his work at his fg-site
Then comes Barzam's mod of Fraulein Revoltech Haruka Amami. This is just a lovely new sculpt of a dress for Haruka Amami, I mean wow, just lovely. Barzam also has some more IdolMaster dress re-sculpts but this is by far my favourite. You can check out more of his work at his blog or fg-site

If canned Iyan Buroguyasu 69 brings us a wonderful Figma version of Louise from The Familiar of Zero, This figure features her in Nekomimi cosplay, and i is just cute, the sculpt is great the colours are great, and the ears and tail are just too cute. You can check out more of his work at his blog or fg-site
Next is a nice simple mod for a nice beach body by Squid mortar, and he just does some nice simple mod's to Figma's which just look amazing so you can check out more of his work at his fg-site 

And lastly is a wonderful sculpt of Aegis in her school uniform, however the makers profile has since gone from fg-site so I cannot give details bout the marker unfortunately.