March Pre-orders + Wish List - Figma and More

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye.

First is Figma Maris Kirisame from the Touhou Project, I was drawn to her because she was just so cute, and at the time I had missed out on getting Reimu Hakurei, whom I have since aquired.  I was lucky enough that Otacute were taking pre-orders for her, and so I have placed my order, and it will be my first time buying from Otacute. Figma Marisa Kirisame comes out in April.

Next up is the way awesome Figma Rider from Fate/Stay Night, I was so excited when the first sneek peak photo's of her were up on the web, and so when the pre-orders opened I managed to get one through Hobby Search, which is good because I have some points with them I need to use up. Figma Rider comes out in May.


Then there is a new buddy for my Subaru Nakajima from actSta,  yep I am going to save my coins so that I can pay for my pre-order of Teana Lanster in June, I ordered Lanster through AmiAmi, who has become my favourite online store since they launched their english website.
And here is something different, I have order Side A & B of the latest Good Smile Company Nendoroid Play Set, now my Nendo's will have a place to play. Ordered through AmiAmi and coming out around June.
Now onto my wish list!

I got really excited when I saw this, as did others. I had been keen for an Archer figure for a long time after seeing the Hyper Fate ones, which are pricey. And here Figma has answered the call with what so far looks like a great figure, and I will do my best to get one when they go on pre-order, however as of yet there is no details on a possible date.
Next is a new Haruhi Suzumiya Figma, now this one to me has a much better character design and clothing style than the other Haruhi Figma's and I am keen to pick this up, as I do not have any Haruhi Figma's. No release date for this figure either.
Then there is KOS-MOS who just looks wicked, and although I do not know much about the character if I will definitely try and get one as the character is just an awesome design, plus those huge guns look wicked, lol I enjoy my Figma accessories of guns and swords. No release date given for her either.
Now this up coming Yamaguchi Revoltech made me the most excited I think, because I really want more male figures and I have recently been watching Trigun and I love Vash the Stampede, and here is a figure of him, and it looks freakin mean. A must get in my books, still no date specified except sometimes this year.
I have had my eye on this little cute Cirno from Touhou Project for sometime now, but currently she is just a resin kit by LiquidStone, however as they made some completed ones of Reimu and Marisa in this figure line I am hoping they will make one of little Cirno, because she is just too cute.
FREEing are also coming out with some more fun Figma sized toys, I had some of the Skateboards/Rollerblade sets ordered but I cancelled the order and I don't think I will renew it as they are coming out with motabikes and jet-ski's which are way cooler.
Now the big question that was facing me was which to buy of the new Eva characters, because Fraulein Revoltech are making new versions of them and they look amazing, but then Figma turned around and are also making version of the Eva girls. At first I was going to go with Fraulein as I do love the Fraulein figure line and seeing as both the Figma and Revoltech versions look just as good as each other my decision was tough, but in the end I think I will go with the Figma's because the majority of my figure collection is now Figma and I want most of my figures to be in the same scale as each other, for photo's and comics.
So I plan on getting Asuka because she is awesome, and perhaps the new character Mari, because she is in a PINK plug suit, I will prob skip on Rei as I was never really a fan of her character.

So it seems from now on I am a Figma collector, it's been so long since Revoltech have made Frauleins that my Figma's are taking over.