Photography - Christmas Portraits

In the spirit of Christmas my figures got together to have their Christmas portraits taken.

Enjoy ^.^

Deunan and Briareos.

Yoko Ritona.

Signum and Vita.

Subaru Nakajima.

Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki.

Miku Hatsune.

Raspberyl and Pastel Ink.


V-dash and Wing Zero.



Ami & Mami, Haruka & Miki.

Higher resolution photo's can be seen at my Deviant Art gallery here:


Kaichi said...

I love your pics, they are always so sweet!!

Pastel Ink and Raspberyl look cute together~

OptimisticPenguin said...

thank you Kaichi :)

Anonymous said...

nice pic ^^.. er.. dont have high res?

OptimisticPenguin said...

@ Razrig - yes at my deviant art page, it takes to long to load high res on blog. :) so you can have a look at them there if you like.

Anonymous said...

I arrived on your blog through a comment you leaved on one of my photo on Tsuki-Board.
I enjoy the design of your blog and apparently you also love to play by taking photos of your figures. You did a nice series here.:)
By talking about christmas theme, i invite you to join the photo contest i organize on my website ;)

OptimisticPenguin said...

@ Lylibellule - Welcome, glad to have you here. and thanks took me a while to get a design that I really liked and was easy to maintain. I will check out your site and that contest k, thanks :)