Project - Custom Figures - Part 9

After a whole week of heavy rain today, Saturday there were a few hours of sunlight from morning till late afternoon, and so I rushed out to do my first lot of top-coating.

The pic above shows the figures all ready for top coating, Mami Futami, Haruka Amami, Optimistic Penguin (my custom mascot), Hotrodimus and my V-Dash Gundam. oh and a picture of my Ami Futami leg, after all the enamel paint fiasco I have finally got it working, a nice silver base coat the right mix of thinner to enamel ratio, and now painting is underway, and actually working!

So without further a due the unveiling of my figures.

Mami Futami transformed from Gothic Princess Edition to what I have dubbed the Brilliant Stage Edition (as I got the idea from the Brilliant Stage PVC still posed figures). Mami, although previously unveiled is now in her final finish, I did the necessary touch ups I had not done when I first posted her new outfit, I re-did the gold detailing on her skirt so it was neat, and touched up areas where the paint had stuck. Now she is sealed and looking great in her gold-leaf and metallic-black outfit.

To create a sense of unison I made sure that all the parts on Mami and Ami will be painted the same, as all the pink is on Mami is now gold all the white on Ami will be silver. I also added gold trim to the boots as I  thought it would look nicer that way, and once again to create some unison all the IdolMaster boots will be painted the same way.

Haruka Amami, also earlier unveiled but back again with final finish. Now Haruka and Mami are the perfect matching pair. Now Haruka had white and pink on her unlike the other Gothic Princess Edition figures, and I didn't really like the look of this so I made all the white and pink parts gold, and I decided after painting the bow on the front of her outfit black that it would look better gold, and so I painted that gold too, and I thought Gold gloves would be awesome, so yet another added bit of gold. So I really took a figure I didn't much like the look of and made it look nice.

Hotrodimus was I figure I won from Shewsbury Land and so I decided to custom paint him. However I kept changing my mind about his colour scheme so he got several re-paints. I ended up going with a metallic-black with just a few metallic-blue highlights, however for some reason when I top coated him some of the metallic-blue came off and his metallic-black dulled a bit, which didn't happen with the IdolMaster figures, so I am not sure what happened there, but I really can't be bothered fixing it, so he will just have to stay that way.

And here is my V-Dash Gundam, who I also won from Shewsbury Land I don't generally like the red and blue standard Gundam colours, hence why I never really got into Gundam, well I thought I would try and re-paint him, its not the best paint job in the world, I just got really tired of painting when I was painting him so her isn't done very well. But never-the-less I didn't plan to play with him much so his paint job is good enough for just a display figure. A nice silver and gold colour theme for him, I really like this colour scheme on him looks great, and yes I know I sooo have a thing for metallic-paints at the moment, what can I say I like shiny things. And I prob won't do a review for this guy just because I somehow managed to break every single one of his accessories, I think I was having an off day or something I really don't get how I managed it, that and plus everytime I move him parts fall off, his skirt or torso or something. He is a HG kit so its not the best quality, but I do like him even so, and as I said he will just be for display.

So those are all the figures which are finished and top coated! oh and yes my custom figure was also top coated but her unveiling will be special, in a few days or so perhaps. As for the progress with my last few figures.

After much pain and hardship I have actually got Ami and Miki at a point where I can paint with the metallic-pink enamel without it clumping or sliding or bubbling, the base coat of silver acrylic is working wonders. So they have two coats on at the moment, I think in about two more they will be ready for final touch ups and top coating! You can also see there a little blue haired head, I thought it would be a waste to chuck Rin's head out since her hair sculpt was so lovely and so I painted it blue and will use her head as a spare character for comics. Oh and if you look closely at the top picture you can see the back of my custom figure!

Now for some close up pictures of my new custom re-paint figures.