Cooking with Figures - Wontons and Dumplings

A few weekends ago I got taught how to make dumplings and wontons. When I got home Raspberyl watched as I cooked them up for afternoon tea.

Here are my dumplings and wontons ready to boil - I pretended I was having soup, mainly because I don't have a steamer for the dumplings, and I don't own a deep fryer for the wontons, so I just boiled them up and ate them with sauce.


Yum Yum says Raspberyl.
And just a little note for all my blog readers, you may have noticed I have been vamping up my blog a bit, now I have got my buttons working properly so all you have to do is click on the picture which says "Reviews" and it will take you to all my figure review posts. All work that way accept the "Projects" where the projects are listed bellow. I hope you like this new design. I thought it might be better than having a whole lot of text running down the side of the page.