Project - Custom Figures - Part 11

As mentioned before I have been working on a custom figure, a mascot for my site, Optimistic Penguin!

And today is her unveiling. Optimistic Penguin, Penguin for short, is my own character design, using Fraulein Revoltech Yuki Nagato and Rin Tohsaka I have created her.

As you can see she has a black and white colour scheme, she is after all a penguin. Now into the detail, using Yuki Nagato's sailor shirt piece and altering it, I removed the bow and curved the corners at the back, I made a nice new top, using the upper body of Rin Tohsaka. I then used Rin's body for the rest of her, changing the colours of course but her feet are Yuki's as Rin's feet where really large. Using Yuki's hands I painted on finger-less gloves, because finger-less gloves are bad-ass. I then used Yuki's hair with a combination of Rin's ponytail. I re-shaped the ponytail and cut an insert in Yuki's hair. Originally the hair was to be metallic-orange but after the last coat I decided I didn't like the colour so I repainted it. Using the bow from Yuki I gave her a hair bow. And then lastly I changed the eye colour on Yuki's face and using a craft knife I altered the mouth so she had a smirking smile.

All in all I rather like her, the paint is not perfect however on her joints, at her knee and elbow as it was hard to get the joints covered and not sticking. But it is alright. Good enough anyway, I am not getting it perfect as I have had enough of painting for now.

Now onto some of Penguins accessories.

Penguin comes with a custom guitar, I used the Yuki one and I painted it metallic-red with silver and black, this took ages to do as the thing is super small and I had to redo certain parts several times to get it as neat as possible.

Then next is Rin's Jewel's which Penguin has now acquired as her own.

Then there is Penguins magical star and witch costume. I took the witch cloak and hat from Yuki and painted it black, I altered the cloak by taking off the bow at the front and getting rid of the collar as it would get in the way. And her magical star is also from Yuki, but painted red and no longer on a wand.

And I will just end with some final photo's of Optimistic Penguin.