Project - Custom Figures - Part 7

I received my Wing Gundam Zero Endless Waltz the other day, and was so excited I got to work on it at once!

This Gundam is awesome and I can't wait to see him completed and in action.

Now in the spirit of my recent custom frenzy, I bought this Gundam with a custom paintjob already in mind. And so here is a lovely picture (came with Gundam) of how the Gundam should look, however mine will be different.

I have gotten to work doing little details on the frame parts of the Gundam. A nice metallic red.

I have also done some detail on the pieces which will have colour, and they are painted metallic red, and clear red on the clear plastic parts, with clear yellow for the eyes, I refuse to use the stickers provided! And have also started painting the little men that came with the Gundam, they are tiny and annoying to paint, but it will look better if they are painted.

Okay and here are the rest of the parts, which will not be hand painted, as they are the majority of the Gundam and the outer armor I am going to spray paint them (when I get a nice sunny day) and they will all be pearl white, possibly with some detail of red metallic afterwards, and poss some decal, but I haven’t decided yet. Oh and I will review the Gundam when it is built!