November Pre-orders - Queen of Cute

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye.

She is the nicest and cutest exclusive figure in my opinion, Figma Cute from Queens Blade Spiral Chaos, and comes in the PSP Gekitou pack, now I am just getting the pack for the figma, I don't own a PSP plus I don't think it would run on PSP's in NZ, so if anyone wants to buy just the game, let me know!

Anyway the story goes I was having  a bad day, had an exam coming up, had just got a B for an assignment when I wanted an A, so I was feeling down, and I was flicking through Tsuki-Board and I was like what the heck I'll get her.

As you can see Cute is an awesome figma, I mean the detail and design of her is just awesome, she is uber cute and I love the bright colours, she kind of is wearing wacky Japanese street fashion, I love it. I was originally going to try and get her when I visit Japan, but hey why wait! Anyway I ordered her with Amiami and she is my first order with them, since they now have an English site, and will ship internationally.

I am really excited about her, she just looks so freaken cool. She comes out I believe this December, and I will be getting her EMS shipped for a change, however as it will be December she will likely be delayed in reaching me, post services for international things in NZ get shocking around Christmas time. Oh and as I said before if anyone wants to buy just the PSP game from me, just name a price. :)