Project - Custom Figures - Part 6

Just an update on my progress for my customs.

Well where do I start, the enamel pink paint which was on my idolmasters just would not dry properly and stick to the figure, so I stripped it all off sanded and now have applied a base coat of acrylic silver, hopefully this will provide a good surface for the enamel to stay on! I still have not top coated my figures, will prob wait until I have all ready for top coat. As for Hotrodimus, seen above, after finishing him up I decided I didn't like it, and so I repainted and using a normal metallic pen I have done lining in blue, which I think looks very cool. So his colour scheme is now going to be metallic blue and metallic black.

So a few set backs to the completion of my figures, however I have made head way in my custom figure mascot project, with the Yuki figure parts almost finished. And I will now give you a sneak peak!

Here is her hair, I wanted a metallic orange, kind of like the lovely orange you get on emperor penguins cheeks, and so I used a base coat of silver and now I am just layering up with a clear orange, is looking really good.

Some of her clothing, she has a nice modified sailor uniform thing, which is semi gloss black, A nice white bow for her hair, and her hands will have fingerless gloves, as fingerless gloves are awesome and cool.

She will also have some cool accessories, semi gloss black coat and hat, I have modified the cloak slightly, but you can't see in this picture, also the hat will soon have some modifications. Also she will have a metallic red guitar, so just a silver base coat on at the moment.

So far Optimistic Penguin is looking good, I am very excited about her, just waiting upon figure Rin for the other parts which will make up my mascot. As you can see she will be penguin themed of course with a nice black and white outfit.