Project - Custom Figures - Part 8

For the first time in ages there was a sunny not-so-windy day in which I had no plans and therefore I could get underway with my spray painting! And so I prepared my Gundam runners which are to be painted Pearl White.

Lovely pearl white Gundam.

As you can see the majority of the Gundam will be Pearl White.

And here is my Gundam done, well that side of the runner, and the edges, but not the underneath.

I used two cans, and need a third to finish up the coloured plastic parts, will have to pick that up on Friday. At the moment they kind of look like frosties!

Here is a picture where you can see the shine of the pearl better. When I am done I will take some photo's with correct lighting so you can see just how Pearly my Gundam is! Oh and thats the box I used to contain the paint, and overalls. I did the spray painting outside so I didn't make a mess or fumigate myself.

As for the rest of the Gundam, the Inner frame is assembled and I have done the last coat of red detailing on it, will touch up the run-overs later and I have also got some matching grey paint to hide the nip marks. As you can see the other box has the pieces which are metallic red, and also the other frame pieces, all are labeled so I don't get confused at final assembly. Similarly the runners which are cut up all have tags so that I know which runner they are from, not that the pieces are similar to each other, but it will just make assembly much quicker.

This evening, when I get back from my evening out, I will assemble all the white pieces which do not need to have their reverse spray painted, that way I don't waste paint, and I will be able to see which nip marks need covering with Pearl. Its not the best spray paint job in the world but as it's my first time using spray paint I think I have done rather well. Sorry that the photo's aren't very clear, as I said will have better photo's when its all finished.