Project - Custom Figures - Part 5

What happens when you combine Fraulein Revoltech Yuki Nagato and Fraulein Revoltech Rin Tosaka?

You get Optimistic Penguin!!!!

lol that’s right I am going to do my very own custom figure, a mascot for my website, my very own character and she will be code named Optimistic Penguin.

Okay now the story behind this idea is the fact that in my attempt to fix my current Yuki Nagato, well I just couldn't fix the arm properly, and so I am getting a replacement Yuki figure. Anyway I thought to myself well what do I with all the extra parts? Heck why not custom, creating my very own character and what better character to make than a mascot for my website. So I thought about how I want my character to look and looked through the other Fraulein Revoltechs around and decided that Rin had the style of clothing I want, plus she has ponytails and I would like a nice ponytail for my mascot. And so very naughtily I have ordered them, and upon arrival I will start my project. This project will be epic it will require painting, cutting, sanding, and possibly some model sculpting, and out of it will be born the lovely and cute Optimistic Penguin. I am very excited I will start preparing the parts I have already!

Oh and to make it fun and mysterious I will only post once the figure is all complete!