Project - Cafe - Part 6

After clearing a space on my bookshelf of figure boxes I decided to install my Cafe into the space.

I thought perhaps the spare shelf would be a good place to put my Cafe as I didn't really like it being on top of my table, the table was built for ornaments not figures. So I went about installing the Cafe into the spare shelf of the book shelf. This required me to get rid of one of the cardboard walls and just for fun I decided to make a front of Cafe area and thus needed a Cafe door on the remaining cardboard wall. So with some crafty skills and using one of the plastic windows from a figure box I made a windowed door.

There is the door finished, and also a picture of the outside part of cafe. Will eventually find something to be a sign, saying Cafe Rock. Also clearing my table meant I was able to move my temporary painting workshop from my floor to the table, now I don't have to keep walking around it. Which is good because it was beginning to annoy me.

There is a picture of the outside area with green grass and blue sky. Will get some flowers and a bench to go in this area to make it look nice. I found some really good 1/12 scale flowers which you can arrange in a flower bed however you want, so I might buy some of those and 1/12 scale garden bench.

And just some pictures of the Cafe with the furniture, had to cut the music stage in half as my shelf is not as deep as the table and so couldn't fit the full size stage on, but no matter. The Cafe looks nice, with a door an outside and a roof. Also I added skirting board to the walls which looks nice.

One last shot of Briareos being security guard out the front.