Project - Custom Figures - Part 4

After some time of no painting (due to Uni) I am back underway with finishing off my custom re-paints.

Here is the progress on Hot Rodimus so far. He is looking good, I have a metallic red gundam marker coming in the mail which I will use to add some more detail to him. So he doesn't look to orange!

I also decided to custom re-paint my new gundam, as the stickers were useless and I didn't like his colour scheme, so now he will be all pretty... lol. Any way I will have a review of him up soon, with him in original state, have already taken the photo's just need to go through and write review. Any way his colour scheme is now white, silver, and gold.

Here is some close up detail of his new paint, although the gold needs another coat. As for my IdolMaster's the enamel paint is really hacking me off, and it takes forever, last time I use enamel, oh well, I just have a few more coats of the pink enamel to do, so they hopefully will be ready in the next week or so.