Events - Armageddon Expo 2009

Armageddon Expo Auckland 09

This stall had some gundam on display, a nice big gundam, I wanted to steal it! and some other gundam, I was tempted but didn't buy any because it's cheaper to buy online!

Some Items on display, some nice swords from the Lord of the Rings, which was filmed in my lovely country. And some guns and stuff from another thing, didn't really read what it was all about, am too lazy, but they look cool.

Some nice figs on display, a piece from LOTR and some Halo characters.

This stall was cool, a weapons store and I took a picture of the owner as he was dressed awesome.

There was even a Star Wars group thing, with a whole bunch of little jedi.

There were a lot more Cosplayer's this year and the cosplay was way better standard too, I only took a few photo's though.

And lastly a (terrible) photo of me, and the dark side.

And so that was my Armageddon, I watched the first four dub episodes of Soul Eater, which is wicked a definite get for my DVD collection. Then I watched the Coslpay games, then just wandered around and left in late afternoon. I only bought one thing as they didn't have the DVD I wanted at any stalls, plus the figures and gundam were all more expensive than online, stupid New Zealand sellers, lol.