Project - Custom Figures - Part 3

Now that Mami and Haruka are done, I have started on Miki and Ami.

Now they are going to have a metallic pink and silver colour scheme. Above you can see some of the silver already on, and then the first lot of pink metallic. Now I could only find a metallic pink in an enamel paint, so this lot of painting will be a bit different and take a lot longer. As you need 6 hours between each coat.

Here is the blocking for the silver, will do touch up after the pink is all done. Ami's top is simple, just exact same painting as Mami.

Here is Miki's top all blocked, her little ribbons are very fiddly. As she had two shades of pink on her top I have just made it all silver, I might redo the pink lines down the middle of her front ribbon later on, depends how the enamel works over acrylic I heard it can bubble.

First coat of metallic pink, the enamel is tricky to use, and is a thin coat, will have to do more than two coats I think to get a good finish, but looks nice, is a darker pink than their original pink, but I think it is nice.

The pink is very streaky at the mo, but with more coats I am sure it'll come right. Is a nice match for the silver, changing the boots to match Mami and Haruka's, so changing white to pink and silver trim.

Hotrod is taking the longest, as he is full repaint, just done the final coat of black, and now starting to pick out and block the parts which will have orange, will require a few coats as the orange is a very thin paint. He will prob be the last figure finished.