Project - Custom Figures - Part 2

Here is the second lot of paint colour on.

I have finished the Metallic black paint coats, and so I did the first coat of gold paint for the ribbons and trimmings, note that there are places where the gold goes over slightly but I figured it would work out better if I just touch up with black later, as my tape decided to stop working and huge amount of Metallic black paint made its way onto Mami's head, leaking under tape, so I have just scratched using tape, will just be as careful as possible. The necklaces will be painted gold; at the moment just a rough bit of gold them to remind me to paint them at some point, probably will do when I do the second coat of gold paint.

Here are some misc places, painting the ribbons on Haruka's head, will paint around the tops of boots, that is just a rough go. Haruka's gold gloves, and Mami's for mentioned hair tie, managed to get most of paint off her hair, there was a lot! Silly tape that don't work! 

The girls skirts, as you can see Haruka's skirt is going to be gold where ever there was another colour, so her white trim at the bottom will also be gold, the under skirt is yet to be painted fully, and there is some little touch ups needed around the waist band, as I couldn't get a very straight line!

Tried to make Mami's dress like it was before by doing gold around the top, but I think I need a finer brush as its kind of a messy job, oh well, will re do when I find a smaller brush, even though the brush I am currently using is rather small.

And finally the last coat of black for Hotrodimus, well for at least most of him, some parts still left to do. Now that he has his base of black I will decide which parts to do in orange!

Well that’s it for previews of Mami and Haruka will only take pictures of them again when they are completed, which should be in the next few days, may take some more pictures of Hotrodimus, but that will probably happen when I get started on base coats for Ami and Miki.