Project - Custom Figures - Part 1

As I have mentioned before I am doing a custom mod re-paint of some of my figures. And so this is the first stage of the project.

First up is my Revoltech Hotrodimus, which I won in a figure comic comp from Shewsbury Land.

Hotrodimus will be re-painted Metallic black with gloss orange detailing, and perhaps some silver.

And so here is his first coat of black paint, and a gloss coat for his already orange hands.

Next up is my main Re-paint project, my IdolMaster Frauleins. Now the plan is for Haruka and Mami, who I have in the Gothic Princess edition will be painted Metallic black, with Gold Leaf highlights, and Ami and Miki who I have in the Strawberry Snow edition will be painted Metallic pink with Silver highlights.

And so this afternoon I started with the painting of black clothes to Metallic black, this is the base coat, however I may not need to do another coat as they are already on a black base.

After that was done, and since I had the silver out I painted Ami's cuffs silver.

I also did some fiddly re-painting of the hair pieces of the figures, and used tape around the area in case of mistakes; I also started to re-paint Haruka's gloves gold. The last picture is nice as it shows you the original black colour of clothing and the nice Metallic black repaint I am doing.