Project - Cafe - Part 5

Cafe project part five!

Since my Re-Ment chairs where too big for my figures, I got some Reac chairs, but their legs were too short for my Revoltechs and so I did a mod. I cut off the legs of the Reac chair and then taking the Re-Ment chair legs which are removable I modified the chairs, I had shave off some of the chair part as the Re-Ment chair legs had an angled slot to attach legs with. However I miss cut one of the legs of the Reac chair so for one of the chairs I had to use glue to attach the Re-Ment leg.

Me gluing the Re-Ment leg to Reac chair leg.

And ta-da, there you have it a great chair mod, now my figures have a chair which is to scale and is the right height for them and the cafe table.

All that was left to do was to paint the legs all the same colour, and since I had got some model paint just for that I set to work. I have also painted the foot parts of the legs a nice black, but you don't see it in this photo.

I also painted the silver parts on the main part of the chair so that they matched, and made sure I would not get paint on the seat by taping around it, however I still managed to get a little silver paint on the seat, but I can remove that later with alcohol or something once paint is dry.

And so that is my mod done, and the chairs look great, at the moment they are drying but I will upload a picture of finished product once the paint is set.