Project - Cafe - Part 4

Yesterday when I was out shopping popped into Toy Store for some model paint, then into spot light, only planning to get paint brushes, but I ended up finding loads of awesome coloured card, so I thought perhaps the Cafe should have some wallpaper, so I bought some, and these cute little photo frames.

And so my cafe was ready for some nice updating.

Mikuru prepares the cafe for renovations, stacking up the furniture and covering it so it doesn't get dirty.

Inspecting the first lot of wallpaper to be put on. This used a lot of time because I had to measure and cut and fold the side walls, the back wall it is just blue tacked to wall, the sides however are taped to card board walls and then walls blue tacked to the table and wall.

Hanging up the pictures. Just blue tacked to the wall, the photo's inside are some of the pictures I took of my figures, cropped and scaled down to size, looks really good.

Also switched the side that the stage was on, and made some little make-shift guitar stands out of folded card board, they tacked in place.

Mikuru was very exhausted after the whole affair, but now her Cafe looks grand.

It says in the title part one of Third stage, as I am going into hobby shop to get more paint, and perhaps a few more picture frames next week Wednesday!

Watch this space, Mikuru's cafe is very near completion.