Di:Stage Review - Basic Set Clear Version


Max Factory.
Di: Stage Basic Clear Ver.
Distributed by Good SMILE Company.
Certified by Max Factory.


This is the Di: Stage Clear Ver.

The Di: Stage is a fun and imaginative base for figures. It is designed so that it can be constructed and destructed in various ways. It comes with four side pieces which clip onto the main base piece, these side pieces give it a smooth side where backgrounds can be slotted in between the piece and the base, there is also a joining piece, so that two base’s can be joined together, this also slots into the underneath of the main base. There is also one additional piece which can be connected to the joining piece to allow another base piece to be attached vertically to the main base. So if you wished you could create a tall wall of pieces attached to one base piece, depending on how many Di: Stage sets you have.

And so there the more sets you have the more options and combinations of structures you can create. There are also pegs included for securing backdrops and floors onto the stage.



The Di: Stage allows figures to have a great range of posability. You can put the stand in all the holes on the base, and even attach them to the back of the base. Figures now have a great range of motion, and can attach to any place on the stage. The added pieces, word bubble pegs are great, and allow figures to have emotions and thoughts around them as they are displayed.

And as stated above the more stage’s you have the more possibilities there are.



Di: Stage Basic Set comes in a small box. The front has an image of the set on it, and a picture of the Di: Stage with a figure. On the sides of the box is the Di: Stage logo, and on the back are an image of the set and its pieces, and some more photos of the Di: Stage and figures, also all the important information is on the back, (in Japanese).

Is a simple black, grey, and white colour scheme, but is none-the-less a nice design.

Inside the components are well protected, with cardboard, bubble wrap and individual plastic bags for each.



I will break down my review of enjoyment into two categories, accessories, and play value.


The Di: Stage Basic set comes with, two small word bubble pegs, and three word bubble pegs with an additional joint at the peg for better posing, all at differ ring lengths. The set also comes with one stand with a clip piece at the top, which can be removed and replaced with another clip piece for sliding pieces of card into, or can just be used as a regular Figma stand and slot into the figures back.

Two nice pieces are the adapters, as the stage has both small and larger holes in the base, they have supplied adaptors that fit onto the stand and the word bubble pegs, so that they can fit in all the holes, for example if you want the stand to fit in a small hole, you put the adaptor on and ta-da, a very neat and helpful idea.

Play Value:

The Di: Stage is great. The Clear ver. Is particularly nice, it looks really good just by itself, or with a backdrop added. The word bubble pegs are going to be awesome when it comes to making comics, and the extra stand and clip part is excellent, it will mean that the Di: Stage can be used for a number of figures, see for instance here it works for my Fraulein Revoltechs, see this image.

So over all my enjoyment of the Di: Stage is high, and when I get more time, and with the addition of the expansion set, I am sure I will get more display and play value out of it. There are also downloadable paper diorama’s available from the Max Factory Figma website and blog, these you can print of, cut and fold, and slot them on to your Di: Stage Set's thereby creating scenes for your figures to be displayed in.

Enjoyment is a 10/10

Over all the Di: Stage was a great investment, now my Figma’s and Frauleins can create epic battle scenes, and much more I am sure, a definite must get for any figure fanatic.

Two thumbs up.

Total 9/10