Project - Cafe - Part 1

Went to Vagabond and got some things for my figures, to create nice scenes for them.

I got the Re-Ment Cafe table and chairs, they are slightly too big for my figures, but with the right camera angles this shouldn't be too much of a problem. They are very nicely designed and well painted.

I also bought a very cool item for displaying miniature Cafe food, this one is made my Megahouse. It is an accurate scale for my figures, and once I get lots of food to fill it up it will be a source of many fun scenes.

The design is nice, well made, nicely painted. Comes with brackets which can fit at two different heights, the inner shelf sits on these, also has to wedges to insert and angle food display. The front part comes off so you can easily fit the food in, and the back has a gab just like the real ones so that one can get the food and then pass over the counter. Also comes with two cookie jars and really cute cookies, labels for jars also included (I haven't put them on yet), also a little menu, poster and price tags included.

Is a lovely display now I just have to fill it up with delicious cakes for my figures to feast upon.