Project - Cafe - Part 3

Cafe project part three, today the food arrived and the sofa, above the picture with the food in its place.

A Reac Miniature Lip Sofa, is going to look great in the cafe. A very funky and nice miniature and exactly the right size for Figma and Fraulein Revoltechs.

Oh my gosh!!! so many boxes, here is my Re-Ment package of ten pieces, took forever to open all the boxes and all the little plastic bags! But well worth it, they are all amazingly detailed and look good enough to eat.

Here are some close ups of each set, yum yum yum, my girls are going to be so happy with their new food.

What is amazing is that each jar has a lid that comes off!!!

Also all the chocolate trays have a lid, and inner tray which comes out, and all the item inside can come out, now I just need some plates and platters so my girls can have a feast!

Lots of nice boxes came with each set so they can be packed up and bought by my figures. And everything is well painted and wonderful.

So here is a close up of how I have displayed them in my Cafe Display Case, as you can see I prob need to get some trays to display them on, so it looks more like a real cafe.

Since there is too much to put on display I stored the rest away in the handy little storage area at the back of the Display Case.

And so now my cafe is almost complete, once it is I will have to make some good comics.