WAVE Corp. Review - Deunan Knute

Appleseed started as a Manga but has also been made into an anime OVA and two movies Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina. The story takes place in the 22nd Century after the non-nuclear Third World War has decimated the Earth, the story follows Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires form SWAT and LAPD members who are taken from a desolated city and invited to join ESWAT (Extra Special Weapons And Tactics) an organization in the utopian city of Olympus, the worlds new and most powerful state. Appelseed Ex Machina follows the on from the first Appleseed movie, wherein a plot that threatened humans and bioroids was underfoot, in Ex Machina a new threat has appeared to mankind and bioroids alike and Briareos and Deunan , joined by Tereus, attempt to stop whoever is behind it.

Deunan is a trained ESWAT officer with is Briareos’ point man. Deunan and Briareos met at Deunan’s fathers SWAT unit before the world war broke out, and have been lovers since then. When Deunan arrived in Olympus she was surprised to find Briareos was now a cyborg. Deunan has a tendency to get angry easily and be inpatient. In the movie’s Deunan is the daughter of Carl and Dr. Gilliam Knute, Deunan has spent her entire life fighting in a war that is for the most part over, until she is brought to Olympus .


Deunan has a great sculpt; she is picture perfect and practically identical to her movie counterpart. Her detailing is amazing; the armour design is spot on and so intricate. I could probably go on for ages talking about how detailed she is, but I’ll let the pictures tell you.

Only complaint would be that her bottom looks a bit solid and odd, not as nice as the onscreen one, not that I take much interest in staring at characters bottoms, but it would have been nice if her bottom was sculpted a bit better! Lol. Just some little detail that is nice is that she had a holster that her hand gun can slide in and out of on her leg, which is very cool, and her belt is loose from her body so it can move about freely. Also her shoulder pads can be removed to extended movement of her arms.



Deunan is painted to perfection, they could have painted all her armour in a standard grey but instead it is in all different shades and the detail is amazing and paint job matches this. Even her little E.S.W.A.T badge is correct and readable, (you have to use a magnifying glass though, but I assure you, you can read it). Her hair is nicely shaded and her face is well done as well. I can just turn her over and over again and admire the paint work, is that good. Very impressive job for an action figure.

Deunan’s accessories a painted wonderfully with fine detailing and a good sculpt. Her blade is nice and shiny and her sniper gun has a red colour on the aiming devise (don’t know what you call it, but they look through it to aim) and her eye scope is tiny and nicely painted.

So absolutely no complaints about her paint work it is immaculate.



Okay let’s start at her feet and work our way up. Her feet sadly don’t have much articulation as her boot collar gets in the way or her pointing and flexing, but she can turn them in and out easily. At her knee she has a double joint, a hinge at the top of her lower leg and at the bottom of her upper leg, with the knee being a piece of her armour, very nice and well disguised. At her hip her leg can move forwards, not back due to her bottom sculpt, it can go out to the side (she can do the splits), another thing is her leg can’t rotate from side to side.

Under her breast plate she has a joint which allows her to lean back, and twist, but she doesn’t lean forward very far due to the design of her armour.

Her neck has two joints one at the base and one at her head allowing her to move up down, left and right, once again her clothing restricts her from looking upwards.

Her shoulders have two joints, one joint at the body which can move up and down, side to side, and rotate. The send is a swivel joint at her bicep to turn her arm in and out. Like her knees her elbows are double hinge joints, with the elbow being a piece of armour. This gives her nice natural movement.

And lastly her hands, her hands are a disappointment. They are on pegs and so the hands are rather static, you can turn them but that requires taking them off and then putting them on again at a different angle. This brings me to a very sad story, one of my Deunans hands had a slightly bent over peg, and so after struggling with it many time one day I decided to bend it back into shape, hmm bad idea. I heated it up in warm water and was gently pushing it back straight when a force of pure evil caused me to sneeze a huge sneeze, my hand jerked, and you can guess what happened, snap went her little hand peg! Oh dear, now Deunan has to make do with blue tack to keep her hand one.

Besides that her articulation is good, I suppose I could always try gluing her peg back on her hand.



Deunan come in a clear box, with a picture of her and her name, plus some details running along the box from one side to another. The back of her box has a cardboard insert with a picture of her on the inside, (facing the figure), and some details about the movie plot, and on the back are pictures of her in different poses, including pictures of her accessories. And then some screen shots and writing (in Japanese), which I assume is about the movie.

Inside the box she is held between two moulded pieces of plastic, and under this is another lot of plastic casing which has her accessories in it, this makes a kind of base the figure sits upon in the box. All in all it’s a nicely designed box.



I will break down my review of enjoyment into two categories, accessories, and play value.


Deunan comes with a few accessories; she has a sniper like gun, a small hand gun, which very awesomely fits into a holster on the side of her leg.

She has a nice knife/short sword which can be sheathed and attached to the back of her belt. She comes with an extra head, which to me is exactly the same expression accept she is looking a little to the left I believe. She also comes with a little eye scope to fit under her hair and onto her eye.

And lastly she has four extra hands, one for holding her rifle, one for holding her hand gun, one to hold her knife/short sword, and one to support her gun holding hands.

It is nice that they have included all her weapons she uses when on ground combat in the movie, and all the accessories are very detailed. Only downer is that she does not come with a stand, but she can stand up well enough without one, but it does mean you can’t really give her flying through the air poses, which is a shame.

Play Value:

With the combination of weapons and possibility Deunan is a very fun figure to play around with, re-enacting epic battle moments from the movie. She is a great design and when partnered with Briareos she is just an awesome figure to have. And since I love the Appleseed movies I have both her and Braireos.

Enjoyment is a 10/10

Over all Deunan is an exceptional figure. Her detailing and paint job is immaculate and even her accessories are top notch. Apart from her hands her articulation is great and very realistic. And when partnered with Briareos she makes an awesome figure for a collection. If you are a fan of the Appleseed movies then I definitely recommend her, but I also recommend you get Briareos too, because his figure is even better than hers, and together they are just wicked to have on display, and to play with.

Two Thumbs up.

8.2/10 Total