Revoltech Review - Fraulein Yuki Nagato Culture Festival Special

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a Manga and an Anime which follows the life of Haruhi a high school girl who can unconsciously change reality, and her adventures in herself proclaimed SOS Brigade, which she founded to investigate mysterious happenings. Fun then ensues as she recruits Kyon a cynical classmate, Yuki who is a bibliophile, Mikuru who is a time traveller and Itsuki the esper, but alas to Haruhi is unaware of her comrades’ true identities.
Yuki is a bibliophile humanoid interface who was created by the Data Over mind and is responsible for monitoring Haruhi, and a mysterious ‘explosion of data’ which occurred three years prior to the present story. Yuki is a quiet and reserved humanoid and has the ability to manipulate her surrounding environment.


This Yuki is a Cultural Festival special line-up, with Yuki featuring her Witch cloak and hat.

For some reason Yuki’s sculpt is not as dainty and feminine as the other Frauleins, mainly due to the design of her uniform, it is rather bulky looking, with heavy sleeves and heavy waist. Her skirt is nicely shaped, and her legs are thin and straight, no curvy thighs here, just like her character counterpart she is slender and small chested. Her hair and face sculpt is great, capturing the real essence of Yuki. If they had only designed the uniform better she would be as top notch as the other Fraulein Revoltechs.



The paint job on Yuki is alright, but not as quality as some of my other Frauleins. She is for the most part painted in block colours, with not much shading; her hair is particularly nice though with good shading. Her faces are painted well and her skin tone is a nice pale white. Her shoes and socks are nicely painted, but her uniform is lacking, save a nice shiny red bow it is plain blue and white.

The paint on Yuki’s cloak and hat is very nice is black and yet it sparkles and glistens in the light, her cat is well painted with cute eyelashes! The magic wand is painted in a shiny gold; her book is just plain red and white. Her guitar is not the best paint job, and the paint is cracked in one place.

Another complaint is my Yuki has a scratch on the front of her hair; I really should touch it up myself, lol. Apart from a few minor paint errors, which may only be on my one, it’s an alright job.



Yuki uses the E.L.F joint system, which is used by all Fraulein Revoltechs.

Her hands are on Revoltech joints, which move forwards and back and rotate, her elbow is a hinge joint, bending and straightening, a very natural movement, she has two joints at her shoulder, a swivel joint at the top of her arm allowing her arm to rotate, and at her shoulder a Revoltech joint so she can move her shoulder forwards back, up and down, and rotate, however this is somewhat limited by her clothing.

Her neck has a Revoltech joint, so she can look up and down and side to side, however she can’t really look back due to her hair.

In the middle of her waist she has a Revoltech joint, so she can lean forwards and back and twist side to side.

At her bottom/top of her thigh she has a Revoltech joint that moves forwards, but not backwards or side to side. Her knee is a hinge joint, giving her a natural movement of knee going backwards, also at her knee is a swivel joint allowing her leg to turn in and out. Lastly at her feet she has a Revoltech joint allowing her to point and flex, and can turn in and out.

Her skirt does limit her from sitting down.

One complaint is that my Yuki seems to have a fault, the lower part of her right arm has been put on wrong, which means her right elbow can’t bend properly. I would fix it myself but I am worried about perhaps loosing the joint too much or breaking it.

Up-date: got a replacement Yuki and has correct arms and no paint scratches on the hair or guitar.



Yuki comes with the standard Fraulein Revoltech stand, which is black and has her make (Fraulein Revoltech), her name and the series she comes from written on the base. The stand itself consists of a base a pole which pegs into it, and then a two jointed Revoltech Joint, which goes in the top of the pole and then into a U shaped holder. The thing to note about the Fraulein Revoltech stands is that they are too tall for the characters, and so when in the stand their legs dangle in the air, which is rather annoying at times, further more when she has her cloak on there is no way to secure her to the stand.



Yuki comes with the standard Fraulein box, with a window at the front, a picture of her posing on the side, on the other side details and pictures of the E.L.F joint system which the Fraulien Revoltechs use, and on the back pictures of her accessories and some of the poses she can do, and other info, on the bottom of the box all the authorized info, with her authorization stamp, and warning statements (all writing in Japanese)

Inside the box she is held between two moulded pieces of plastic, with a space for her guitar, cat, magic wand, alternative face, alternative shoes, and her book. Her hands, hat, and sing came in plastic bags attached to the back of her casing. This is standard packaging for the Fraulein Revoltech line. She also came with promo poster of current and upcoming Revoltech action figures. Also take note of the authorized sticker, each figure should have one.



I will break down my review of enjoyment into two categories, accessories, and play value.


Yuki comes with a huge range of accessories. She comes with a Witches cloak and hat, Shamisen, a guitar nice detailing on the guitar. She also has her Starring Inferno wand, very cool, she also has a book, which is very fitting since Yuki loves to read. She has another pair of shoes for some reason, I am guising they are her indoor shoes for wearing while in class. Like Haruhi she has a sign which says "Yamatsuchi Model Shop", written in Japanese though. She has five extra pairs of hands and one extra for holding her wand. My favourite accessory is the cat which sits on her shoulder by pegging into her cloak. Very cute.

Yuki comes with so many accessories, it is just fantastic, and gives her so many posing opportunities. Only complaint is her cloak is hard and there for static, it would have been nice if it was made of soft PVC and therefore movable.

Play Value:

Thanks to her many accessories means that you can create some really good scenes. Also due to the fact that all Fraulein Revoltech figures are interchangeable it is great fun to combine Yuki with Haruhi and Mikuru’s accessories and clothes.

Enjoyment is a 9/10

Over all Yuki is not as good in design and paint as the other Fraulein Revoltechs, but as I like her character and she has loads of accessories for me that makes up for her other flaws. As for faults, such as paint and arm, that may only be mine, and is my only figure with faults like that. But I do recommend her for those fans out there and especially if you have the other Haruhi Suzumiya girls.

6.2/10 Total