Events - Doujin Overload 2009


Today I went to a little expo thing held at the Hyatt Hotel Auckland. It was a showcase of anime and manga fanart/original artists, as well as a display of figures and some entertainment. I thought it maybe fun so me and my friend went a long to check it out.

Here is their figure display, I wonder where they got a Chiyo-chan figure I want one!!!

Here is the figures they had on display, a nice combination of hard to find and general figures. I spoke with the guys there and most of them get them ordered through The Graphic Novel Cafe, whom had a stall there, they are nice people who work there but I tend to buy my figures direct from HLJ.

They also had some Dollfie!!

Here is some pictures of the varies stalls, as I said it was mainly a place for anime and manga artists to show of their work and sell it, some real great original and fanart works available.

They also had a Cosplay comp and an art contest, and music, piano music from all your fav shows and a band with their very own Haruhi singing God Knows! And I was glad to see that slowly New Zealanders are getting into Cosplay, some pics bellow.

Some well known characters and some I don't know, my friend who is into anime but hasn't seen much of it kept asking me what characters they were and I had to explain that all though I do watch a lot of anime I have not watched it all :P

Haruhi Suzumiya's group, I believe they did a dance earlier in the day, and the Ouran Twins, yeah!

And last but not least a Cardcapters animal, hehehe very cute!

And here is my loot from it, some nice original artwork. and then some fanart, and The Cat Returns on DVD.