Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project cafe final rebuild part three - Completion

It's been ages I know and I know I started this project a long time ago, the main reason why its completion was delayed was the screws for the hinges but the other day we found some so here it is finally complete.

 Everything has long since been ready and waiting, since the last post I glued all the doors in and the window, all the skirting was glued in as well and the wall art, unfortunately I messed up the molding for the ceiling so that will have to wait till a later date when I have some spare cash to purchase some more from the doll house supply store I use.

Anyway the finished result looks great, yesterday I kitted it out filling the cafe with food and furniture, it looks so inviting so lets go in!

As you can see the front facade open up allowing access into the cafe, I chose to do it this way rather than having an open back view (which is typical of doll houses) because I wanted to be able to take shots of people entering through the main door as well as looking through into the cafe via the window and I prefer the front on view for photos, it would be dull to take photos from behind the counter as you wouldn't be able to see all the delicious food.

Now on the back wall their is a door which for the moment opens to know where but the back of the building, this is for allowing alleyway scenes as well as keeping the potential open for perhaps a future add on of a living room apartment type set.

The wall art looks great and I am very happy with it, keeps the walls interesting.

The counter looks great filled with a yummy display of food and I think repainting the gold trim to the blue to match the doors was a great idea as it makes it tie into the space better.

Finally a quick top down view for you of what it all looks like shut up for the night. I made sure I had a generous floor space so that I had ample posing room and of course room to maneuver my camera through. I can't wait to get cracking on the first comic in the new cafe.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rrrrr you ready for the cute

Ever wanted a Bodacious Space Pirate well now you can have one (available at amiami) They are Mameshiki so the same line as my Cirno figure which is also super cute.

There is a little pirate for everyone, those who like pink hair (me).

Those you love them glasses, yeah for girls with vision impairment. 

And for those who like super cute blondes, awe she's so adorable!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WonFes reveals

So its WonFes time again and here are a few figmas that I found interesting. The one above is very cute and if she is painted well I think she is potential buy. 

Another figure I am potentially interested in is from the Black Rock Shooter series, once again it will depend on how her paint work terns out. 

All I can say about this figure is awesome but too much under-boob ruins it for me, sigh.

These are two figures I've been looking forward too but now I have seen them painted I am disappointed, Thor looks stiff and lifeless and for some reason Archers face looks really weird. But what are your thoughts?